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South of Reality, an Island Spirit 400 was custom built in 2004 and delivered to her  owners in late 2004 in the Florida Keys.  

South of Reality is a one owner, never chartered boat!

The owners have cruised aboard the boat for 5 years circling the Caribbean.

This boat is 1 of 2 Island Spirit 400s that are European CE Certified Island Spirit 400 built which will allow for easy importation to Europe.   The boat is also US tax paid which is another HUGE bonus.

Few people are familiar with the Island Spirit as not many are produced, but once you step aboard, you will soon realize nothing compares in space in this size and price range.   The boat is located in the United States, presently in Key West.


Boat Specifics


Sail Plan

Deck Layout


The Island Spirit 40 catamaran is built as a live aboard boat and not as a charter boat.   As a result you will have more space, storage and comfort than you will find on most charter boats.   One thing missing is all the "what the heck were they thinking" features found on many boats.  Most of the multi-hulls in the Caribbean are built around a huge cockpit table which allows nowhere to hang out in the cockpit.   This boat was designed by a South Africa living aboard with his family, the original boat was a 35 ft and not quite as refined.   

The boat is setup with 3 cabins and 2 heads.   One cabin is a bit larger than the others with more storage, the berths are sized somewhere between full and queen.   One frequent guest is 6’2 and has no issues anywhere on the boat.   

Not familiar with the Island Spirit?   They are built in South Africa and sailed to the Caribbean, not shipped.   This alone says a lot about the construction, safety and comfort of the boat.   Could your boat handle 6 weeks of the South Atlantic?

Now for the fun stuff.......some of the extra toys not found on most catamarans that South of Reality has are:


Sailing related items

Raymarine C80 at the helm

-  12v & 110v at the helm.

-  Icom M-422 DSC VHF remote at the helm. – 

-  SSB which is handy for email and cruisers nets

-  Autohelm STS 6000 which allows you to singlehand by autotacking   -  This is an upgrade from the STS 5000

- Port Jib sheet & main halyard can run to the helm, which has an electric winch, to allow singlehanding or sheet can remain on Port side if your guests want to help.  

-   Facnor Batten Car system.  Mains on all cats are huge and heavy.   With a Batten Car system the main slides up quickly and easy with less effort.   It is a South African boat so the sail is large, strong and heavy.   The batcar system installed is above the required spec for the boat. 

-   Rigid walkway on the bimini so you can tuck the reef lines in to the stackpak.   No ugly unkempt sails on this boat!

-   2 piece hardtop installed 2008 No more drippy bimini!

 -  200 feet of chain anchor rode.

 -   Liferaft

 -   Anchor Washdown pump

Galley Items

-  Corian Countertops

-  2 Fridge/Freezer units, With the solar the Freezer actually works well as a freezer unlike most boats.

-  Microwave, Toaster

-  A lot of galley storage and food prep area, dual sinks and a separate dish drain area.   Most catamarans in this size range are not designed with a cook in mind, the assumption is you eat ashore.   South of Reality's galley would be good enough to have at home!

 - South of Reality is an owner’s version which means that the starboard hull has a large 2 person shower & laundry unit forward with a “desk” midships for computer, printer, etc.

Comfort Items

-  A helm seat for TWO that adjusts up and down for your comfort and visibility; allows for shorter people or children to drive the boat. There is only one other catamaran on the market with this feature.

-  Dockside or generator driven air-conditioning, 16000 BTU.    The vents can be regulated so air can flow where it is desired.

 -  Each cabin has 2 Hella fans not the normal 1 fan, no more hogging the fan issues.

-   Jabsco electric toilet in owner’s hull.   Guest head is Jabsco manual

-   130 gallons of water with gauges. The boat is setup for rain water capture which is great when cruising.

-  Hot and cold water shower on port sugarscoop.

-  Swim ladder designed to come up with fins on.

-  Oodles of cockpit storage, nothing has to be left out as a trip hazard.

-  Storage under the aft seats in the cockpit, this is a rare item not on older Island Spirits.

-  Tons of easy access storage in the main salon for dry goods.

-  A lot of storage under the forward berths as well as forward of the forward berths.   

-  Lights in the main salon are on a dimmer for atmosphere.

-  Of course there is tons of COMFORTABLE seating EVERYWHERE on the boat.   The settees in the main salon are setup in an "L" shape allowing two tall adults to nap head to head straight out.   I snooze here often when at sea so I can be off watch, but nearby.  You cannot do this on a curved settee.

Just Plain Cool Stuff

-  Stainless steel drink holders scattered all over the boat.  Every location you would naturally put down a beverage.

-  Large 3.6 meter dinghy with 15hp engine

-  Four 75watt solar panels.   You should never have to just run the engines to charge batteries, which is so annoying.    On a normal sunny Caribbean day the solar array inputs about 15 amps/hour.    The fuel savings from not running the main engines or generator is pretty substantial.

- For battery regulation we use the Victron Phoenix 2500 watt inverter/charger.    This is a great system which fully integrates the solar.

-  Courtesy lights on each sugar scoop to help board the boat at night.   Of course we have wide sugarscoops and handholds also, which most boats don't have.

-   Our bow seats are full wrap around for safety and comfort, these are so cool!    Most boats do not have wrap around seating.

-   Two trampolines made of mesh, with stainless steel slides. They are very comfortable to walk or sleep on.  Many boats have a netting that is not pleasant to walk on.

Expected Stuff

2 holding tanks 40 gallons each with high level alarms.

Yanmar 29 hp – The best power for both weight & fuel consumption.

Oodles of stuff that you would expect on the boat.   Email me with specific questions.

Dinghy hoists from the bimini, so it is easy to secure and does not chaff or swing while underway.

Purchase Details:


When looking at a used Cat, most people look at the Lagoon 380 or 410 or the Fountain Pajot.  You just need to walk aboard those yachts, then walk aboard our to see the immediate difference.  There is NO comparision.


There are several Island Spirit 37s for sale at this time, but the 400 has been substantially refined.   Some of the differences between the IS 37 and IS 400 are listed below. 

The quality of construction has continue to improve from the factory.  Several Island Spirits 37 on the market were built by individuals and not the factory.  

The obvious change is the longer sugarscoops, this has improved sailing.

More Galley Storage

Additional Cleats on Deck

No more water slapping noises in the berths

Improved electrical, plumbing systems

There is another IS 400 on the market and yes our ads are similar since we are all friends.    Free Spirit II is a 4 cabin IS 400

There are also Island Spirit 401s on the market.   These boats were constructed under different factory ownership and different moulds.    The company was failing at that time and some of these boats have some issues.   Admiral Marine in South Africa currently has the moulds.


Terms of Sale

The boat is Florida registered and US Tax Paid.   The owner is not interested in trading for other boats or property.   The boat is available for test sails.   I suggest a minimum of 3 days on any boat before you buy her.    Many people make the mistake of seeing a boat, getting exciting and buying without spending time aboard.  A fee of $300 per day will be charged for overnight visits. This money would be credited towards purchase. Thus eliminating those people looking for a free vacation. An agreement to purchase we will require a 5% earnest money deposit to remove the boat from the market.   This money is refundable only upon anything major not disclosed and discovered during survey.   Buyer pays for survey expense.


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